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Tuesday, 21 June 2016

101 CD PLAYER IS BACK with my Mission Speakers!


Welcome to my 2nd Blog,

Well today is exiting! im finally getting my MASH 101 CD Player back after 6 months of waiting.
Me loving music as i do think this is the best invention possible. Even though we don't buy as many CD's any more the ones we do get are the ones we love. I'm so lucky to have this CD player as I know there rare. I had to get a new laser, and soarceing one was a problem. TN Makay is a great shop in Dumfries , so I cannot stress enough please go there if you need help with any of your electrical goods.

So having 101 CD player means you have to have loads of CDS. How do you choose the right order? I usualy get all of them out and have a little listen to ones ive not heard in while.. Like Lady GaGa's Fame , Snow Patrol's Fallen Empires and Roysopp's Junior All Great Albums! Then we get to work on the order from 1- 101 Its so hard and takes a couple of hours work.  Even though its a Tuesday right now if feels like a Friday.
Im so lucky to have 4 powerful speakers. My MISSION speakers and my wooden Boston speakers maks a Tuesday feel like Friday!

I love having a wee dance in an empty house, best way to let yourself go! Untill someone walks in the room....

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See you tomorrow for a little Tour of my house.

CL x

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