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Monday, 20 June 2016

Where I am in 2016 ..... 1st ever Blog.


 Im Chicken Little not my real name , my real name is Ryan. I wanted to make something that would be fun and intresting.

So For my First Blog I Thought i would do something so you would know about me a little bit more.

Im from Dumfries in sunny Scotland (as you well know its never sunny here but it is today!)
I live with Someone who is dear to me and who i have been with for 4 years now. We share a house together with one of his best freinds. I'm pretty sure you will get some snazzy pictures of all of us in due corce (lucky you). 

I live in a 4 Bed house with a HUGE Garden. So im pretty sure in my Daily Blog i will rave and talk about some amazing plants and things we have done to our garden. Im also sure that you will hear all about the renovation we done to our house aswell and all the updates going on.. Theres ALWAYS something. 

I love going places, Already this year i have been to Spain 3 times , Seen Foxes & Hurts Live aswell as going to Blackpool for a dirty weekend ;) haha

I love Theame Parks! and i want to go to them all! Not going to happend Sadly as my Partner in crime is kinda funny about that subject .... 
 But i might be lucky to go to Drayton Maner OR Alton Towers at some point. 
After a few months of talking to you i might have the confindence to do some sort of vlog. But right now... this will have to do!

As of 20/06/2016  I am going to do a Daily Blog. Today Probably wasn't that intresting but I hope you will stick with me and I hope I can make you Smile :) 

CL x

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