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Friday, 24 June 2016

Review on Mariposario de Benalmádena-Butterfly Park Belamadena Blog

Today has been eventfull.. UK left the EU , PM resigns and the £ dropped massively.. But lets not feel down and gloomy. Here's something to put your mind to ease.

  When I was on holiday in Fuengirola in Spain just a couple of months ago. Me and my partner decided to go to the Mariposario de Benalmádena-Butterfly Park. Loving butterflys and loving nature. It is 20 minutes from Malaga, and has more than 1,500 butterflys from around the world  flying freely in a tropical paradise between waterfalls and flowers.You will be able to observe how they are born, how they reproduce and enjoy learning many things about these wonderful insects.
At 10.00 euro for an adult and 7.50 euro for an child.

When you pay to get in you can come back as many times in a day. Have lunch at the cafe , enjoy Stupa de la Iluminación en Benalmádena wich is right beside the butterfly house and if free to have a wonder round.

They are magnificent insects , and only live for a short time.

I really enjoy this place and watching them so close to you. There are many facts, and the staff are freindly.

 What does the upside down picture remind  you off?

The gift shop has various items and products , including mounted butterflys and moths for people who collect them or for people who want a keep sake.

                                 Have a look inside ^.^ 

Please have a look on there website for more information :

Please Find them of facebook here :

There Twitter Here :

I love this place and would reccomend everyone of all ages to go!

Thanks for reading this Blog. This was something I wanted to blog about , and there will be plenty more wildlife blog's too.

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Lots of Love !

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